Congratulations to the new owner of ‘Tracks’ from my Summer 2014 series Fields. I would like to say a public thank you for your continued support.

This is one of my largest outdoor paintings, probably the climax of the field series. The painting is now waiting to be framed before being carefully packed and shipped to the South of England.

'Tracks', Oil on panel, 80cm x 56cm SOLD

‘Tracks’, Oil on panel, 80cm x 56cm

The focus of my field series were the tracks running through the fields, the imprint from the tractors as they work the fields drilling and harvesting. One of my favourite times to paint was during the late afternoon/early evening. At this time there are long shadows and these are great to paint as they skim across the wheat. Here’s what I’m talking about.

'Tracks through the wheat' Oil on panel, 46cm x 26cm Currently available

‘Tracks through the wheat’
Oil on panel, 46cm x 26cm
Currently available

Here are a few more from my Field series.

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With Christmas fast approaching, right now is the perfect time to invest in Art either for yourself or a loved one. please feel free to contact me to purchase an existing piece or to create a personal commission. I am now able to ship worldwide so even though we might be opposite sides of the globe, you can still own an original Andrew Farmer!

Keep watching!


About Andrew Farmer

I am an Artist creating in South Yorkshire in the UK. My work is mainly inspired and painted directly from nature, timeless and traditional.
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2 Responses to Congratulations!

  1. annerose says:

    Great field paintings!

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