Portrait painting in progress

This year I am determined to enter a number of well known portrait exhibition within the UK. I have now turned my focus to doing just that. Here’s a self-portrait which I started this morning. SONY DSC

Starting a painting is really the fun part, massing in the composition and getting some of the facial structure down. After about 2 hours of work, I quickly realise that I have no idea what I am doing….what is a face?  what colour am I looking at?

I believe that it’s through careful and focused exploration that I begin to find out how to paint my subject, I begin to realise which colour will express the colour I am looking at.

The problem starts when you sit down and you already know how you’re going to paint the picture. I once read that ‘Nature is the true teacher’. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rules of drawing and painting and forget to actually look!

This portrait has a long way to go but I feel it’s not a bad start……

You can also view a number of other portraits right here 

I look forward to posting new progress as it happens. Please comment if you would be interested in me filming a painting session for you to view online. It might be interesting for you to see how the painting begins and evolves throughout the process.

Finally, I would like to share with you that I have just made available a number of my favourite paintings as limited edition prints which can be viewed and purchased online at www.artfinder.com/andrew-farmer


About Andrew Farmer

I am an Artist creating in South Yorkshire in the UK. My work is mainly inspired and painted directly from nature, timeless and traditional.
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