A collaboration….

I was recently recruited to collaborate on an interesting project by Ed Frost, the owner of inthetub.co.uk, a website dedicated to all things bath related. After receiving details of the project, I agreed to work with the team. Ed wanted a local Artist to test a new product, bath crayons. We agreed quickly on a subject, the seaside harbour. You can view other paintings on this subject here: Rivers, lakes,sea and boats Before the day of filming the concept, I created a number of sketches in my notebooks during a day visit to beautiful Whitby, any excuse to visit the English Coast.

A selection of sketchbook pages opened ready to work from.

A selection of sketchbook pages opened ready to work from.

Using these bath crayons was very fun and enjoyable, allowing me to be free. I started the sketch with light colours such as yellow and orange. This allowed me to put together a very loose framework for the composition as well as to change mistakes much easier. If I had started out with using a black crayon, it would have taken much longer to remove parts of the drawing that I wasn’t too happy with.

The early stages of the project.

The early stages of the project.

The image above shows the early stage of the composition. I didn’t set out with a definite plan in mind, instead I let the image evolve. Some Artists talk about the ‘Art speaking’. I felt this happening in the project as the picture grew.

A panoramic view of the piece.

A panoramic view of the piece.

I suppose the most challenging aspect of this project was working around the corners of the bath form. I can only imagine what Michelangelo must have gone through working on the Sistine Chapel! The next time you’re relaxing in the bath, why not get creative? I’d love to see some of your own works of Art. All in all, a very fun project and a real pleasure to collaborate with a local business, thanks Ed!


About Andrew Farmer

I am an Artist creating in South Yorkshire in the UK. My work is mainly inspired and painted directly from nature, timeless and traditional.
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