Painting the bridges along The River Don….dodging stones!


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I recently had an idea which was to tackle every bridge along the River Don from Sprotbrough through to my home town of Conisbrough.

I have 3 more bridges to paint in this series of paintings, all of which I hope to frame and exhibit fairly locally.

There are many wonderful little stories I could tell you since beginning the paintings. Stories of wonderful, strange and curious people I have met along the way. Stories of wildlife I have come across including a barn owl at midday!……Very odd. This is one reason I love to paint outdoors, experiencing the elements, the people and the places, priceless.

The flipside of all this is that you are also exposing yourself to experience negative things such as grim weather, the chance of forgetting equipment(brushes and rags so far), not to mention trouble makers.

During a painting session under the A1 motorway flyover, I was actually attacked by a gang of youths throwing stones at me the size of apples…..shocking I know. I now realise that I must only paint in that area when the beasts are caged up in school during school hours 🙂 Thankfully, I wasn’t hit by the rocks but they did come very close, one even hitting my easel.

I look forward to posting the final paintings of bridges as well as pictures of my planned future exhibition.


About Andrew Farmer

I am an Artist creating in South Yorkshire in the UK. My work is mainly inspired and painted directly from nature, timeless and traditional.
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2 Responses to Painting the bridges along The River Don….dodging stones!

    • HI Shannonelise 🙂 Thank you very much for such a positive comment, really appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoy the paintings. I am looking forward to posting more recent work in the coming week. Please feel free to follow my blog to receive updates on my current work/blog posts. Best wishes

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