The Edlington Collier, My First Public Sculpture

The Edlington Collier, My First Public Sculpture

This is my first public sculpture, commissioned by Yorkshire Main Commemorative Trust. The Sculpture was installed 2012 outside the Yorkshire Main Community Centre, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The original sculpture was made in plaster of paris, starting with a timber frame covered in chicken wire. fabric dipped in plaster was then wrapped around the structure to ‘flesh’ it out. I then completed the sculpture working directly with small steel tools and pure plaster of paris.

The sculpture was then sent to a foundry in Buckinghamshire and the final piece was cast and then installed on a limestone block, quarried locally in Doncaster.

The name, ‘The Edlington Collier’ was chosen by a primary school student in Doncaster.

I’ve now got the sculpting urge again and I am currently working on a sculpture from a new series of work titled ‘Mother and Child’

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About Andrew Farmer

I am an Artist creating in South Yorkshire in the UK. My work is mainly inspired and painted directly from nature, timeless and traditional.
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