Sunsets, farm houses and a recent preselection at the Mall Galleries.

I’m having a great time painting a new series of sunset studies over the past few days. For those of you that follow my work through social media and my blog, you will notice I’m quite restless and always on the look out for new subjects. however, I understand the importance of running with an idea or theme and this is why I try to work in a series when I find a new subject. Sometimes the series is very small, 3-5 paintings and other series can last for 20-30 paintings (Game keeper’s Cottage). For now, the plan is to walk to the same location at least 2-3 times per week and develop a large series of sunset paintings. Already, I’m blown away by the intensity of colour and design of nature.

Here are two paintings from my day-time project/series. I recently stumbled upon a beautiful little place called Newton about 15 minute walk away from my home. Newton is a tiny place consisting of a handful of farm houses, barns and a beautiful old access road. These paintings are the first two in a series exploring this beautiful little place. Each piece has been worked on for 2 sessions, roughly 5 hours each in total. They will soon appear in my online gallery and shop, available for purchase.  There’s a great potential to create  at this location, the old buildings set in this rural location offer an unlimited amount of options for compositions, it will be interesting to see how long it holds my attention for.



And finally, some wonderful news to share with you all. I recently received confirmation that my large charcoal drawing, ‘Winter Song’ has been preselected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London 2016. I was preselected last year but was then rejected at the final stage of judging for the show. Wish me luck!

If you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to my VIP Newsletter to receive updates on my latest works. I also offer exclusive discounts via this newsletter so don’t miss out.

Thanks for stopping by and keep watching.

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Lost in the woods uncovering secrets.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope your year is off to a great start. I’ve not wasted any time getting myself into a new routine of work this year, already producing many intimate portraits of my children as well as spending most of time in the studio working on new self portraits which I will soon reveal.

For now, I want to let you catch up on my creativity from the last couple of months so I have begun to record my unseen paintings and drawings.

This group of paintings was made in a series, exploring the local woodland in Autumn and Winter. Two of these paintings are among the largest pieces I have ever produced out in the open air.

Most of my recent paintings have been produced over 3-5 sessions, unlike a lot of my other works which are started and completed in a  single session. At the moment I feel as though I need to try and go deeper into the subject matter and this is the reason for extending the time on each piece. Although working quickly on a piece can produce a feeling of energy and looseness, in another sense they are really quite superficial. I’m finding that repeated sessions on a painting are allowing me to see new subtle colour harmonies. It’s almost as though nature is rewarding me with her secrets.

After receiving my recent award at the Mall Galleries in London, I’m finally coming back down to earth and the usual doubts that us creative people face day to day are slowly worming their way back in. I find that when I hear those voices inside telling me that the things I am producing are pointless and no good, I just create and I silence them for a while. I guess that the self-doubt can drive us to do more, go further and that’s what I plan to do this year.

A heart felt thank you to all of my collectors and followers, your support means a great deal to me.

I look forward to sharing with you my latest works of Art as they happen.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

p.s head over to my official website and online gallery to view available works.

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Plein air oil painting the Autumn Woodland 2015.

Autumn Woodland Preview. Oil on canvas, 60cm x 50cm.

Here’s my second youtube video, this time with commentary and looking at a single painting in progress. I also discuss briefly my equipment and materials. The painting will soon be available here in my online store.

This painting is the first in a new series, ‘Woodland’ in which I am creating works inspired by the local forest. As a dog walker, I move through this landscape daily so it’s hardly surprising that it has become a new subject for me. I look forward to posting works from this series over the coming weeks.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions to help make my recent videos better as I plan to make many more on various topics.

Visit my official website and store at

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Plein air painting in oils. Chasing the sky 2015 exclusive preview (Yorkshire)


Youtube Previews And Demos

This video showcases my 2015 series, Chasing the sky, a body of original oil paintings created en plein air (out in the open air) in my county of South Yorkshire. Each art work includes the title and dimensions.

Over the coming months and years I plan to upload free demonstrations to Youtube.  This will include portrait drawing and painting demos, painting in the open air and much more.

I’m passionate about working from observation, but especially the landscape. The main benefits of working en plein air (in the open air) can include exercise, meditation on nature rather than photographs, beautiful surroundings, meeting people, the list goes on…..

Website Launch Discount Code

To celebrate the recent launch of my new website and online store I am currently offering a 10% discount on your checkout total. Simply enter ‘LAUNCH10’ when prompted.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the paintings featured or to commission a personal painting. Prices to suit most budgets.

Find  me on


Facebook Page


 VIP mailing list for exclusive offers and private previews of my newest works. 

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Indulge yourself with an exclusive online 10% Discount Code to use on original Art works

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Exclusive online discount code — LAUNCH10

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beautiful colours of Autumn, if it is indeed Autumn where you live.

I wanted to share with you my exclusive online discount code, LAUNCH10, to be used directly at my online store and gallery. Simply enter the discount code when prompted during the checkout process. Your purchase can be shipped worldwide and will be packaged to a high standard to ensure safe delivery.

This discount code will be live until the 31st of December 2015, the perfect time to indulge in the collection of original Art.

In addition to this, my VIP newsletter subscribers receive an extra 5% discount, 15% in total! Please feel free to subscribe here

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about any of my Art works.

Enjoy the Autumn! :)

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Selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) annual exhibition, 2015.

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Wow! My first shot at entering the ROI annual exhibition hosted by the Mall Galleries, London. I submitted two works initially, both of which were preselected for final selection. This self-portrait is the painting that made it through to the exhibition. The exhibition opens on the 2nd of December at the Mall Galleries, London.

This is probably one of my most robust oil paintings to date. Although application of paint is loose, the painting is rooted fully in observation, looking with focus at colour, form and light.

I’ve been extremely busy over the past few months, not least with the latest arrival to my family, baby Eden Elizabeth Farmer (now 2 weeks old!). I look forward to updating my new website with my latest paintings as well as creating some blog entries to inform all of my wonderful followers of my recent activity.

Than you as always for your much appreciated support.


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Recent works- The Lake District.

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I recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Lake District bringing with me 5 new works. I stayed with my little family at Fallbarrow Park situated on the east side of Windermere, right next to the shore line.

I fell into a natural routine of drawing in the day and painting out on the shore early evening until dusk. The spot I decided to return to time and time again really captivated me with the distant peaks, beautiful yachts anchored close by and also the constant passing of other vessels.

I experienced painting in fog, rain and even the sun! For a person that is a weak swimmer, I have an unhealthy obsession with water and boats. As well as painting the view across Windermere, we took a boat ride down to Lakeside and back again, the views are just breathtaking. I returned home feeling refreshed, inspired and rearing to go.

Feel free to sign up to my VIP newsletter. You will be among the very first to view my newest works of Art and have the first opportunity to make a purchase. You will also receive exclusive VIP offers.

Here’s a teaser of what I’ve been up to the past week. 3 new works from a huge series of paintings, ‘Chasing the sky’.

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Keep watching!

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Get them while they’re hot….

Lots happening at the moment including working on a recent commission, sending off limited edition prints to new collectors and of course painting……

Limited edition signed giclee print

Limited edition signed giclee print

Here’s an example of a giclee print that recently sold. It’s printed on quality german etching paper, signed, titled, dated and numbered in the border at the bottom. Each limited edition print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

example of signed certificate.

example of signed certificate of authenticity.

Prices starting from as little as £100 (unframed) which includes free UK postage. Sizes can be ordered to suit your preference. Please feel free to get in touch via my contact page if you would like to discuss an order.

Cloud study 1, in the field

Cloud study 1, in the field

Today’s studies mark the start of a new series of works, ‘Skies’, inspired by Mr Constable’s oil sketches. I have always preferred Constable’s sketches to his finished and polished works, they have a certain ‘real’ and ‘raw’ quality about them. They appear to me to be works not bothered by having to show them to an audience, works which radiate joy in the act of painting.

Cloud study 2, out in the field,

Cloud study 2, out in the field,

I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks prepping for an exhibition in Pocklington’s Art and Rose Gallery, in which I currently have 30 paintings on show. This has meant that for a period of time I haven’t been working on painting outdoors. Today was quite a shock to the system, I felt very rusty and almost lost in what I was doing.

In many ways, this can be a good thing. I find that if I paint for days on end without really stopping, I begin to get blind to what I am doing. I think it’s important to keep pushing into the unknown, taking risks and hopefully surprising yourself with the results.

Here’s a close up of today’s work.

Cloud study 1

Cloud study 1, Oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £250

Cloud study 2

Cloud study 2, Oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £250

I look forward to sharing works from my new series as they happen.

Keep watching!

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Off to a flying start!

Thanks to everyone that turned up to the opening night of my current exhibition at the wonderful Art and Rose Gallery in Pocklington, thank you also for all of the wonderful words of encouragement from people that couldn’t make it.

The show is off to flying start with a number of sales as well as a confirmed commission for a new private collector with the talk of a second commission from another new private collector!

The show comes ends in early June so if you happen to be passing through the East of Yorkshire then please feel free to stop by.

I’m now beginning to look at new subjects including still life and also new locations to paint outdoors so stay tuned!

'Chalk Marks' Exhibition 2015, Art and Rose Gallery Pocklington.

‘Chalk Marks’ Exhibition 2015, Art and Rose Gallery Pocklington.

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Exhibition opening night. The Art and Rose Gallery Pocklington. 24th April, 5.30pm-8.00pm

This gallery contains 5 photos.

CHALK MARKS EXHIBITION-24TH APRIL-6TH JUNE 2015 ART AND ROSE GALLERY A 3 MAN SHOW You are warmly invited to the private view of my next exhibition, ‘Chalk Marks’. The show will open at the beautiful Art and Rose Gallery in … Continue reading

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